Three #blogg100 #34

Här nedan är tre sånger. Låtar som jag älskar betydelsen med och texten är så vacker. JAg skrev upp några meningar ur låten som jag av någon anledning kan utantill. Lyssna och läs.

”People help the people and if your homesick, give me your hand an i’ll hold it.”

”God knows what is hiding in this world of little consequence, beside the tears, inside the lies a thousand slowly dying sunsets. God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts guess the loneliness came knocking, oh singing..”

”There is a house build out of stone, wooden floors and window sills, tables and chairs worn by all the dust. There’s a place where i don’t feel alone.

”cause i built a home. For you, for me. Until i disappear , from me, from you. And now its time to leave and turn into dust.”

”Come in from the darkness on the edge of this three tree town.
Because it’s thicker than the woods out there”


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